News – Wist – Westminster international school in Tashkent

WIST Covid-19 School Opening Procedures!

Without any clear indication for how long we will need to make adjustments due to COVID-19, we may be in a situation where we are moving through a variety of risk levels. WIST will continue to follow guidelines set out by the Uzbek government which may include social distancing limitations or campus closure. We will follow the government’s assessment of the risk level, but WIST realizes that we will need to respond to a number of different health and safety scenarios.

We will continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines published by the CDC and WHO.  

We intend to follow three different educational models, which will be adopted according to the known Covid 19 situation. We believe that we must remain flexible and that we may be in a situation requiring us to shift from one model to another, possibly at short notice.

We expect that the situation will continue to be fluid and may change throughout the school year. The school will need to be prepared to possibly shift between the three models below, depending on the circumstances.