Mr. Alan P France OBE – Wist – Westminster international school in Tashkent

Mr. Alan P France OBE

Alan was appointed in 2002 as 1st Deputy Rector by the University of Westminster to lead the development of Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT). WIUT is recognised as the leading International University in Uzbekistan, growing from 120 students in 2002 to 4,000 by 2019. Alan is responsible for the Strategic development and for all Academic Affairs, Academic Staff, Academic Support, Learning Resources, as well as the overall Management and Governance infrastructure. Before joining the University of Westminster Alan was Dean of the Lancashire Business School for 11+ years and as a Senior Business consultant to major corporations on the development and implementation of Technological change. As Dean he was responsible for a range of International Education Capacity building projects in Poland, Ukraine, Ethiopia, South Africa, China and oversaw the Internationalisation of the Business School. His first foray into international education was in 1984 when he established a network of Business Schools in the N.E. UK, Southern Germany, South East France and North Italy Alan teaches Business Strategy and his research interests are in the area of TransNational Education with a focus on Governance, Regulation and Reputation of TNE institutions vis a vis, Home institutions. He was awarded an O.B.E. by the Queen in 2011 for services to UK Higher Education in an International Context.


MBA, BSc(Hons) Economics, D.B.S., Cert FE, ITP, CIM