Mr. Fatkhulla Iriskulov – Wist – Westminster international school in Tashkent

Mr. Fatkhulla Iriskulov

Fatkhulla is a confident and hard-working individual who is keen to experience new surroundings and learn more about his chosen career. He has been with the British School of Tashkent since it was founded in 2010 and since, has had many roles within the school. These roles have included EAL teaching in Maths, Literacy and PE. As the school progressed and developed, he was requested to focus on teaching PE and was promoted SLT management, in charge of specialist teachers. This position was offered to Fatkhulla in 2011 due to his track record of success as an EAL and PE teacher.

He successfully attained a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology and went on to undertake a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. These studies have given Fatkhulla an academic insight to how languages are learned, which has enabled him to effectively help and support EAL students.

During his studies at university, Fatkhulla studied teaching methods and integrated skills, and later completed a TESOL Young Learner's Diploma Programme at TEFL Academy in addition to an IELTS Master Course at Macquarie University. From 2014-2019, he was appointed as the Head of Uzbek school within the British School of Tashkent. This year, Fatkhulla has become an academic liaison and a member of the Senior Management Team at Westminster International School in Tashkent.


Master Degree in Applied Linguistics, Uzbek State World Languages University, Uzbekistan
Bachelor degree in English Philology, Uzbek State World Languages University, Uzbekistan
Certificate of Completion TESOL Young Learners Diploma Programme – TEFL Academy